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Making Of - Death Valley Nationalpark

Take a moment from the "flow of time" and tear it away from "becoming the past". Highlight the moment as a special moment and give it meaning.

In times of incessant photography by smartphone, “holding onto” people / objects / landscapes has developed into a fast, often reflexive production process.

I want something else.

Feeling cared for in nature, which offers photographic material in abundance.

See consciously. Focusing your gaze and attention on the detail.

Perceiving patterns, shapes, colors and structures.

Recognize the character of the landscape in the light of the blue or golden hour.

Incorporate the mystical-looking back light.

Freeze rippling watercourses and track down wild animals.

Depending on the situation and mood, my photographs show a documentary image or emphasize an aspect through abstract representation. So the motif is perhaps the same, but the point of view is different.

If it is possible to stage the motif using the individual elements and own emotions in such a way that an arc of tension is generated, a deeper impression emerges in the photo, a feeling that touches our insides.

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